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The Duronio Lab is committed to building a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, or nationality.

We believe it is our responsibility to lift up voices that have been marginalized in our field and recognize that teams are strongest when they are diverse. Research suggests that groups are more creative, productive, and successful when people from diverse backgrounds collaborate. As a lab, we promote and advocate for equity and inclusion in STEM through scientific outreach, mentoring, and continued diversity and equity education.

Promoting Diversity in STEM

We acknowledge the importance of increasing diversity in STEM and participate in training programs that aim to recruit and support diverse scientists. Below are programs for trainees at all levels.


  • Summer research opportunities: SURE-REU and SURF
  • Year-round research opportunities: CSS and McNair Scholars


Graduate students


Scientific Outreach

We believe that engagement with the public is an integral part of being a scientist and is an important factor in inspiring students to pursue, and persist in, STEM. To promote diversity and inclusion in STEM, we support and encourage lab members to take part in scientific outreach. Here, we provide events that our lab members enjoy participating in as well as other opportunities to get engaged in scientific outreach within our community:


Success in science often relies on positive mentoring relationships. We aim for mentees to leave the lab as scientists with confidence, greater independence, and a sense of personal accomplishment. Mentoring is a learned set of skills required to support mentees through technical training, scientific communication, and professional development. Continued mentor development is critical to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for mentee success. Our lab members partake in seminars, workshops, and learning communities to hone their mentoring skills. Here are some programs that our lab members recommend:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Education

Ongoing DEI training and open dialogues are integral for fostering an equitable and inclusive environment. As a lab we value these educational opportunities and regularly devote journal clubs to topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many of our lab members have participated in the trainings below and encourage others to become certified.

Additional Support Resources

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